Sunday, July 2, 2017


Hey, all!

And by all I mean one person. But still.

I have a couple posts that I've been working rather hard on, but since I leave for summer camp in half an hour I can't finish them. I come back in two weeks, and until then, I am SSNA*.

*Submerged So Not Active. Not a real submariner term, but it is a real bored-middle-schooler term.

But since I won't be able to complete my big upcoming post in time, I will give you a preview.

Last night Thea sent me an email.
Clever smudginess there. Heh.

Instead of replying via email, I called her to work out the logistics over the phone. That way there won't be a 30-minute lag. But of course I wanted to come, the question was simply if I could, seeing as we live half an hour away from anywhere interesting..."

Here are a few more photos.
The titular Chocolate Totoros, of course.
Delicious chocolate Tardis from the same company. 
Oh, and one last thing.
It has nothing to do with my WIP slice but it's cute.
See y'all soon.

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  1. Comic Con was a blast. I'm excited to read the whole post, especially because of the title.